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Posted On März 28, 2016By AlexIn Music, Reviews

The Thermals – We Disappear

A new Thermals record is finally out and everybody should get it as soon as possible. It is unlike any Thermals record before it and still undeniably Thermals enough to be unlike anything any other band could record. „We Disappear“ came to me through the complementary wifi at Heathrow airport as I was waiting  for a flight that kept getting delayed. I ended up listening to it six times in a row and the journey it took me on in these three hours (the ten songs clock in at almostRead More

Posted On Februar 28, 2016By AlexIn Music, Reviews

Nada Surf – You Know Who You Are

This new Nada Surf album is really good. I have been listening to „You Know Who You Are“ every day for weeks and it just keeps getting better. I will say that it is my favorite one since 2002’s „Let Go“. It will be out on March 4 and you should all buy it now! If there is one thing I could change about the album it’s probably the sequencing. I’d have it start with „New Bird“ (which is actually track 4). I immediately loved this one while the actual openerRead More
Well, hello again! I am disappointed that bed. have not thanked me for my kind words last time I wrote down my inner shower monologue. I probably should have told them about it. I am also a bit sad that the new Traams album came out too late to make my premature best of the year list. It is very good and I listened to it often enough to say that it should be on there. But then, I didn’t want to be part of the December flood of bestRead More
Good morning! Do you know HateSong?  „Are You With Me“ by Lost Frequencies is by far the worst song ever. I hate this song so much it makes my whole body hurt. Everything about this song is absolutely terrible. It took three authors to write four lines of lyrics the question behind which – Wouldn’t everyone rather be getting drunk in the Caribbean right now? – is fine but the singer’s delivery is reminiscent of a school-band singer ruining an open mic night with his overdramatized talentless performance. Plus theRead More

Posted On Oktober 15, 2015By AlexIn Opinion, Talking Pop

Best Albums Of 2015

Best Albums Of 2015 There you have it. I’m making an end of the year list before it is cool. In alphabetical order. Wow. Great stuff. Let’s call it a year! Built To Spill – Untethered Moon 21 years after „There’s Nothing Wrong With Love“ – the album that first had me falling in love with Built To Spill – Doug Martsch still doesn’t know how to do anything wrong. Let me put it like this: There must be something wrong  with you if you don’t love it. Coaster – SlowRead More

Posted On Oktober 7, 2015By AlexIn Music, Opinion, Talking Pop

Thank you Elektra!

In 1999 there was a silent outcry from alternative rock music fans when due to consolidations within Warner Brothers Records (and the rest of the major labels) a lot of bands that had been signed in a post-Nirvana alterna-gold rush got dropped from Elektra. „Fuck you Elektra“ was a phrase that could often be read. Looking back on what followed I would like to turn this around and thank Elektra very much. Not only did signing these bands away from indies in the first place give them recording opportunities theyRead More

Posted On April 8, 2015By AlexIn Music, Reviews

Surgeons In Heat – Disaster

It was love at first listen When I was a kid I wanted to be in a three piece rock band (because of Nirvana) and live in Milwaukee (because of the TV show Happy Days). Surgeons In Heat are basically living my teenage dream. I first read about them only a couple of days ago in an article explaining that amongst other great benefits Milwaukee has a music scene that is „wonderfully DIY, song craft, excited, drunk, happening, stoned, new, [and] good“.Read More