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Sometimes it’s amazing how life turns out. You can be the luckiest person for one day and the next, you find yourself in an aweful mess. But while we all have our personal ups & downs we tend to forget the broader questions and challanges life poses upon us. This might go a little far and philosophical for some of you, but it seems to be a reocurring topic I’ve been discussing with one of my friends over the last few years: What the hell are we doing?Read More

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Front Page – David Bazan

But it was only in my head because no one ever says what they really mean to say when there’s so much at stake I’ve spent a lot of time recently to listen to David Bazan and his old band Pedro the Lion. Maybe it was the winter in Berlin, or the autumn that started it all. But rainy days and long nights call for suitable music. Some might say Placebo would be the right choice. I agree, if you are some kind of suicidal psychopath who wants to killRead More

Posted On Februar 28, 2013By CarloIn Front Page, Music

30 Albums that will make 2013 bearable

Oh how I love the music press in the UK. Never letting any band pass you by that has written at least one half-decent song. The NME is the prime example for making two elephants out of a bit of fly-excrements. So now after „only seven weeks into 2013“ they make us look forward to 30 unmissable albums that (might) be released over the remaining 10 months of the year. I gave you my views on the BBC longlist a while ago, and after reading the NME article, I couldRead More