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Posted On Juni 17, 2013By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Sigur Rós – Kveikur

Wow. There’s not many words to descirbe my first impressions when listening to the new album by our iclandic favorites.Read More

Posted On Mai 6, 2013By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Light Bearer – Silver Tongue

Everybody should have at least one memory that one will forever relate to music. I, for one, have a lot of memories that will always remind me of a certain genre, artist, album or song. If I am correct, one of the most beautiful experiences with music I ever had, was in 2006. It was a sunny and warm sunday in early summer. Some of my friends had decided to drive to Belfort, in France, to see Muse headline the Eurockeennes festival. The location of the festival site could notRead More

Posted On April 16, 2013By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Piles and Piles – Premonitions Say

Some things are weird. Like if a band from the Boston area just tries to contact you on Facebook asking you, if you would be so kind to listen to their new EP they just released via Bandcamp. Even more astonishing is the fact that when you actually listen to them and find a bloody great band just got in touch with you. This is cool but here is the next problem: Neither their facebook page, nor their bandcamp page gives you any details about them. This happened to meRead More

Posted On März 25, 2013By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Old Gray – An Autobiography

I will keep breathing, but I won’t feel alive I don’t know a better feeling than standing on stage (or just in front of people if there is no stage). The excitement that builds before you go on stage, the tension building when you walk up to the microphone to say the first words, the emotions you get thrown back at you by the crowd, all that. But most importantly for me, at times it felt like an act of self-cleansing. Once you are out there, you spit everything you’veRead More

Posted On März 5, 2013By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Fine Before You Came – Ormai

In tutti questi anni abbiamo detto così tante cose, ne abbiam fatte così poche. (In all these years we have said so many things, we have done so few) Italy. A country we primarily will associate with pizza and pasta. Then most people would arguably call for red wine, the mafia, Sylvio Berlusconi and his „bunga bunga parties“, football (or soccer for you Americans), the tifosi, Ferrari, Eros Ramazotti, the Pope and the Vatican. There are plenty of things you would associate Italy with but music. Unless you are currentlyRead More

Posted On Februar 20, 2013By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Rika – How to Draw a River, Step by Step

I had a couple of drinks last night Over the last year I really learned to love Austria. I used to drive through a very small bit of that lovely country every time I visited my grandparents with my family. But while for me the area around Bregenz, in the region of Vorarlberg was as much Austira, as any other part of it, I was told something different quite some years back. My old band and me were opening a hardcore show back at home. We shared the stage withRead More

Posted On Februar 19, 2013By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Donovan Wolfington – Stop Breathing

There hasn’t been a lot of posts from my side recently. But there are times in a life when other things seem more important. Have I ever told you, that girls in bands make every band more interesting? Well just think about Sonic Youth or the Pixies. Anyway my point being a band playing Emo or Indie, with distorted guitars, feedback and kind of lo-fi-ish vocals, add some female harmonies and you’ve got me interested. Donovan Wolfington are a band from New Orleans in the US. They play a greatRead More

Posted On Januar 27, 2013By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Olde Pine

all we know is where were going but its a place i haven’t found Sometimes you come across some music by chance, by accident and you keep sticking with it. Sometimes you can’t get hold of a record – blimey, I’d pay a fair bit to get Olde Pines two EPs on vinyl – so you have to retreat to listening to music on the web. I keep coming back to their site. Listening to their songs. They are worth it! While a lot of emo records come with aRead More
Two chords are all it takes to get drawn into this record. What follows is a quick fix of lo-fi pop no wave teenie punk galore. 9 Songs – less than 15 Minutes. If the band wanted to make this album some kind of statement, then well done guys. Usually I can listen to the album in its entity twice on my way to work and believe me, it’s not a long way to work. I love putting this album on in the morning. Especially when it is freezing outside.Read More

Posted On Januar 12, 2013By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Just Went Black – Embracing Emptiness

Some things just won’t go away. You can spend days, weeks, months or even years not thinking about them, but they will haunt you. Somewhere in the back of your head, they are stuck, left a brand or just vanish and reappear like a tiny ghost that haunts the abandoned building at the edge of your town. At some point it might even become a tale of the past, a fading memory of once cherished times. But in the end, it will never leave you. I remember moving to LiverpoolRead More