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Is the acceleration of our lives showing in music too? I think it definitely is. There’s no doubt about it that the internet and the resulting speed in which music has become widely available has also changed the way we consume music. With the likes of Soundcloud, Deezer or Spotify and Youtube we can now access nearly all the music we want at any given time. We are now consuming in small bits. We are scavaging blogs for the newest singles and artists or labels.Read More
Sometimes it’s amazing how life turns out. You can be the luckiest person for one day and the next, you find yourself in an aweful mess. But while we all have our personal ups & downs we tend to forget the broader questions and challanges life poses upon us. This might go a little far and philosophical for some of you, but it seems to be a reocurring topic I’ve been discussing with one of my friends over the last few years: What the hell are we doing?Read More