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It’s a Thursday night and I am bored and slightly angry. I am not sitting alone at home. I am not bored because I have no one to interact with. Fun fact, I am at a party. I know plenty of people here and I am having a good time with free drinks, nice catch up talks, small talk and so on. I am not complaining about the occasion – it’s the aftershow party of the German Echo music awards – I actually like being here. The show was awfulRead More

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Talking Pop: Avant Gardener

Avant Gardener has been running on my laptop, phone and whatever device I use to listen to music too for days now. But why can’t I let this song go? I wanted to include the song in a list of different songs. But I couldn’t come up with a proper topic I felt worth talking about. I must have played this song more than a hundred times since I came across it in the monthly Birp playlist. And after hours of listening it is starting to make sense why IRead More
Everything is a fucking show. Everybody needs a fucking mass of background dancers, remixers, mash-ups, fireworks and symbols, pop-culture references, brand tie-ins and codes. The biggest popstars try to make an event out of everything. You have a new album coming out? Cool, let’s just not tell anybody and make it appear over night then. You haven’t released any music for some time but you need a reason to go on tour again and grab a couple of millions? Why not release a new album in order to have aRead More
So here we go again. After we let a few professionals tell you what’s going to be shithot in 2016 at the start of the week, we continue with part II. Again we asked the same questions to some of our friends in the music industry. We’ll have to wait and see what will come true but you’ll hardly find better guesses from people who really know what they are talking about! Happy reading! David Lang (Mec-Early Entertainment) David is working as artist manager for Mec-Early Entertainment in Berlin. HeRead More
2015 is done. It’s over. Finished. Finito. So while a lot of other blogs and magazines felt the need to compile their Best of 2015 lists we thought it would be interesting to take on a different approach ourselves. We want to know what 2016 has up its sleeve before it actually happens. But instead of just writing up our own predictions we felt it was time to let some people speak who really know what they are talking about. We talked to some friends and industry professionals and buggedRead More

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Talking Pop: At the Drive-In

In 2001 the TV in my room was the gateway to the world. I was living with my parents in a small town in the deepest South-West of Germany, right next to the border of Switzerland and France (yes, that’s three countries in a few mile radius). Music television was a thing back then. MTV still played video clips. Do you remember that? I didn’t really have the chance to go to many gigs because that would have involved a 2 hour drive to Zürich in order to get toRead More

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Best Albums Of 2015

Best Albums Of 2015 There you have it. I’m making an end of the year list before it is cool. In alphabetical order. Wow. Great stuff. Let’s call it a year! Built To Spill – Untethered Moon 21 years after „There’s Nothing Wrong With Love“ – the album that first had me falling in love with Built To Spill – Doug Martsch still doesn’t know how to do anything wrong. Let me put it like this: There must be something wrong  with you if you don’t love it. Coaster – SlowRead More

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Thank you Elektra!

In 1999 there was a silent outcry from alternative rock music fans when due to consolidations within Warner Brothers Records (and the rest of the major labels) a lot of bands that had been signed in a post-Nirvana alterna-gold rush got dropped from Elektra. „Fuck you Elektra“ was a phrase that could often be read. Looking back on what followed I would like to turn this around and thank Elektra very much. Not only did signing these bands away from indies in the first place give them recording opportunities theyRead More

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Reeperbahn Festival 2015

Having friends around you is a great thing. There’s no one better to share joy, anger, happiness, sadness or any other feeling with than with people who like you, who you can talk to, complain about things or gossip with. Music and sports are great topics, ex lovers or future ones are great too, but sometimes it can just be a person in an awful colored jacket or with an awful hairstyle. Your friends will be there with you. The problem with friends is that sometimes they live too far awayRead More
It’s boiling right now in Berlin. The summer sun is sending it’s rays in bloody short and intense bursts. The office I’m working in is boiling too and I’m sweating my balls of while I’m writing this. The city is bursting with tourists relaxing in cafes, chilling in the parks, cueing in front of ice cream shops. Could be worse right? Definitely! And because every season calls for the right soundtrack, here’s our summer sun playlist. L’Aupaire – I would do it all again I first heard this song onRead More