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BBC Longlist

Winter has been coming. I am not sure why, but looking at the BBC’s Longlist for the ones to watch in the next year, I feel we have reached a pinnacle of nuisance. Bloody hell, what is going on with new music?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the list is very British. Not necessarily in terms of the origin of the bands but far more in terms of the musical output that seems to have managed the cut. A disco bouncer (A*M*E), dreamy post-dubstep that we had two years ago in the form of SBTRKT or James Blake (AlunaGeorge), drugged up rap (Angel Haze), Florence + the old rapper (Arlissa / Nas), the complete Ms Mrs rip-off (CHVRCHES), an 80s band that has been creating some buzz throughout 2012 (Haim), a cockney stoner (King Krule), the next Ben Howard without the surfer edge (Kodaline), a minimalistic Adele (Laura Mvula), the new Mumford & Sons with a bit of distortion (Little Green Cars), the new Vaccines (Palma Violets), a five years too late version of Vampire Weekend (Peace), a female fronted Joy Division (Savages), the new R’n’B superstar that is just at least a year too late on this list (The Weeknd) and a piano Damian Rice (Tom Odell). As you see, I’ve managed to go through the whole list without creating excitement for any of those bands on the list.

I really hold the BBC in high regard, their endless endeavor for finding and promoting local talent is indisputable. This list though, is a confession of failure and should be considered a massive cry for help from the music industry. If those bands and artists are to shape the next year I sincerely hope someone will either shoot me now or put me into hibernation until next year is over.

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From the beginning to the end, I will see this through. This has grown from a blog about the music I love to something bigger and I will keep looking for the great stuff out there. Keep the great music coming!

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  1. I liked yor article and sympathise somewhat….. But wait till you Hera little green cars‘ album.. You will not be thinking Mumford and sons at the end… Especially when faye o‘ rourke gets going and when the sheer eclectic nature of the recording sinks in… And yes one or two will reming you of Mumford but they will be so much better… But then again you may still disagree… Thanks for sharing the blog

  2. did you remark that Spiegel’s „Pop prognose“ bears a „little“ resemblance to the BBC’s list? Just cf.
    The first four places are actually the same, except for the slightly different order and the Bieber-like looking guy instead of Laura Mvula…

    • Yes, I read that.
      Not surprising in my opinion. There is also a link in the Spiegel list, that redirects to the previous list. Quite interesting looking at the ones on that list and comparing it with reality. So the „experts“ are not far off I think.
      There is also an interesting list compiled by the NME which is a lot more guitar-centric.
      Most of the stuff I post on here is quite guitar based, as I miss that grounded sound and aesthetic it comes with. So maybe guitar music is indeed coming back.
      Dancy-Indie-Pop-tunes have been round for too long now!

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