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BettyOetker – Barricades

Conscience separates man from else creatures

When gang-vocals turn into gang-growls you know you’re deep into dark territory. The six songs on ‚Barricades‘ don’t offer a lot of condolences for the weak hearted. This is hardcore with a much darker and desperate twist than what has become so beloved by fans of „The Wave“. The guitars are creating a barricade themselves. The noise is deafening. The vocals are merciless, the drums dry as desert sand and the bass is a growling steamhammer. It’s only fitting that the artwork consists of an old train.

The whole mini album reminds me of my first footsteps into hardcore. With the likes of Terror or Sick of It All offering tough guy vocals cornering „us versus them“. But were these guys created a sense of togetherness, BettyOetker are offering a less including approach. It’s more like addressing directly how fucked up this world is and trying to break it all down with their massive sound. Mind you, there are moments of unity in the lyrics. They just don’t sound like they want to be shouted by a bunch of male tough guys.

The intro of ‚Burn Down Your Shield‘ offers the first 40 seconds of respiration. Until you’re back down in the dirtiest of mosh parts. Some parts remind me of early Shai Hulud just with less rhythm changes. Some parts are always a little bit doom. While others go so fast into your face you could think of youth crew. But anyway, this is a great 6 song massacre! And oh my, the vinyl version looks delicious!

‚Barricades‘ is out now via Ampire Records.
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