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Mumblr – Full of Snakes

I invite you to my room, all the time

There’s few places at the moment where music is as exciting as Philadelphia at the moment. The d.i.y. scene there seems to produce bands at an impossible speed. Mumblr are another one of those bands that just popped up on my radar (thanks to this article here). While London is still caught up in the post-dubstep flood of producers, New York is trying to figure out what their musical identity is and hipster Berlin is meandering through their newest hip-hop star, fan-boying Austria’s latest music export or nodding their heads to the cool-electro-chique (really, nodding their head is as much emotion as you can expect from the latest vernicage audience), Philly is making strong points for being the garagerock epicenter of Western cities.

Mumblr sounds like four dudes hanging out with their friends, drinking, smoking and making music. There are signs of early Weezer harmonies. They’ve definitely soaked up grunge in all its incarnations. Then you can hear that slacker attitude and happy-go-party parts. It’s music to smile to and do stupid things to.

When I was a kid I loved nothing more than summer with my friends at the local swimming pool or the evenings at the river when we used to talk about girls, drink some beers and feeling like everything you do is the most important thing there is. This would have been the perfect soundtrack to these days. The sun in the guitars, the smell of fresh cut grass beneath our blankets. This is what it could sound like, at least it does in retrospect.

But Mumblr are not from the south of Germany but from a big city, so it also carries the longing for big city life. All its possibilities that we would dream of when we were young. The escape route, the feeling of wanting more and the urge for adventure. It’s the east-coast version of california happy-go-lucky music. If ‚Pinkerton‘ is your favorite Weezer record, this is your jam!

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