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Ovlov – AM

When I grew up, I played in bands. My first musical outing was a 2-piece punk band. We practiced in my neighbours bedroom every friday after school. I carried my amp, my guitar and a little PA over, we set up and played. I remember how easy it was to write songs for that band. I felt like our songs would someday change the world. So I tried to put effort in the lyrics. A few weeks ago, I stumbled over a folder from that time. And to be honest, the lyrics where pathetic. But hey, it was all fun. We had a band! We played gigs and some people actually enjoyed it.

After one of our weekly practice sessions, the next door neighbour complained about us being too loud. Our moms just laughed it off – at least we didn’t take drugs or something. I’ll always remember that time as being a lot easier than today. All we cared about was running after girls, not sucking too bad at school and if there was heartache, we just wrote a song about it. And then, we obviously started drinking, hanging out in our pub or next to the river during summer. This time was a blast. Somehow Ovlov send me straight back to those days.

The album is not exactly new, it was released in July 2013, but I stumbled across it the other day and it hasn’t left my stereo since. The roaring sound definitely reminds me of Dinosaur Jr. and that is definitely a good thing. „AM“ is not an album for the faint hearted. It’s full of monstrous riffs, roaring noise and a thundering rhythm section. J Masics voice is unique and it always adds to the overall aesthetic of his band, but Ovlov have managed to emulate that dreamy aspect too without sounding like mere copy-cats. It’s a beautiful, twisted, noise-laden rock record. Just listen to those guitars! Immense!

The album is out now via Exploding in Sound Records! Pick up a copy here.

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From the beginning to the end, I will see this through. This has grown from a blog about the music I love to something bigger and I will keep looking for the great stuff out there. Keep the great music coming!

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