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Posted On Juli 7, 2015By CarloIn Music, Soundtrack

Lapsley „Painter (Valentine)“

Lapsley Painter is a master of the little, the pure essence of beauty in little over 3 minutes. This is as close you will get to pop perfection. Nowadays musicians sit in their bedrooms adding tracks and tracks, layer after layer to their sounds. Always looking to make a song sounding as big as you can get. Squeezing endless effects, virtual instruments and synthesizers over another, forgetting the song in the process. Overwhelmed with choice and possibilities (remember, the Beatles recorded their albums with only four tracks, then eight andRead More

Posted On Juli 16, 2013By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Yesterday Shop

The first time I came across the music of Yesterday Shop was in a video trailer about this years ‚Immergut Festival‘ (see below). The guitar hook towards the end of the song Fat Man, Little Boy is beautiful and very much sums up the music. All the songs are so dreamy, without drifting to this introverted self-loathing of Beach House. They just carry the right amount of melodies, twinkly guitars, dragging rhythms and mellow vocals that all you want to do is hang out in the afternoon sun, sit inRead More