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Posted On Januar 16, 2017By CarloIn Video

Jessie Reyez – Figures

Figures by Jessie Reyez is probably the best song you’ll hear all week. Don’t get me wrong here, this site is not going into some sort of Blog-overhype-mode, but this song is brilliant. Trust me. It all started late last week. I was sitting on the Sbahn back home on Friday night. After work I met a friend at our usual Friday night bar for a few beers and some conversations. It wasn’t a late night, but late enough to feel a little dizzy from the beers and cigarettes. JustRead More

Posted On Januar 12, 2017By CarloIn Video

Burkini Beach – World At Our Fingertips

It’s been too long since Rudi Maier aka Burkini Beach last released a song and could it come any more fitting to this time of year than World At Our Fingertips? The song is probably the most Bright Eyes influenced song so far and it suits Maier really well. We’re biting our fingernails while we’d have the world at our fingertips he sings in the chorus before subtly changing the words to we’re biting our fingernails down and then we’re biting our fingertips. It’s the little things that make thisRead More

Posted On Juli 18, 2016By TiyamIn Music, Reviews

Von Wegen Lisbeth – Grande

Germany’s music landscape has been marked by a rising number of young and mostly male indie-pop bands lately. They all met in school and started off in their parents garages. Von Wegen Lisbeth is one of those bands and their story is not really different to any others. Not that I am saying their background is boring by any means, but if there is nothing new to tell, then there is simply nothing new to tell. Most famous example at the moment: Annenmykantereit. AMK are touring in sold-out venues andRead More

Posted On August 3, 2015By CarloIn Video

Beatsteaks – Ticket (Official Video)

Beatsteaks are one of our favorite bands. That’s no secret, right? But so far we didn’t know they were big fans of cycling. Well at least that’s what they look like in their new video for Ticket. That’s right, there’s a new single and it’s not even from the album? So is there a new Beatsteaks EP coming? No there isn’t. What is coming though, is the first proper Best Of from their time with Warner music (sorry folks, but that means no classics pre-„Living Targets“ will be on thereRead More

Posted On März 20, 2015By CarloIn Video

AB Syndrom – Taumeln Taumeln

Well someone posts a link on facebook. I stumble across it, as I trust that person to have a good taste in music. I click the link. A song starts playing and it keeps me glued to my screen and my ears are peeled. The band’s facebook page says they are from Berlin and consist of four members. And that’s a lot more than what their official homepage tells a visitor. Anyway, this is serious stuff. Probably the soundtrack for this weekend in the city!Read More
There are obviously a lot of songs that you listen to throughout your whole life. The question is what sticks to your mind? What do you actually hang on to? And what do you really remember several years down the line. I hate facebook chain mails and I hate how Buzzfeed et al tend to accumulate lists and sell them as journalism. What I liked about this particular idea though is that taking your time to think about this lays out a map of who you are. So this listRead More

Posted On September 22, 2014By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Beatsteaks – Beatsteaks

I never was an astronaut, I never was a drummer. I never was a Beastie Boy but it doesn’t really matter! It’s great when there’s a band you grew up with together. I don’t mean that in the sense of you went to the same school, hung out at the same bars or on the same playground etc (even though that is quite cool, too). I mean it in the sense of you discovered them quite young and as you grew up yourself, the band also got bigger and bigger.Read More

Posted On Mai 9, 2014By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Yesterday Shop – Parodos

It’s the small things that count. The details. The split seconds and moments you remember days, weeks, months later. I was sitting at my office desk browsing the web when I stumbled upon a highlight reel of a small festival in Germany. The pictures and impressions were beautiful but what impressed me even more was the song that kept the whole video together. It added that extra layer and gave me goosebumps. It was the first time I stumbled upon Yesterday Shop and their formidable song „Fat Man & LittleRead More

Posted On Februar 21, 2014By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Kmpfsprt – Jugend Mutiert

Ich bin die Nacht, du bist der Tag. Ich mache alles, was du nicht wagst! I am the night, you are the day. I do everything you don’t dare I think we have written extensively about the impact of music on life. Sometimes you can’t even explain why you pick up a certain album. It’s just there. Right in front of you. When Kmpfsprt released their first EP back in 2012, it was just there. From one day to another. It was raw, it was wild and it was justRead More

Posted On Februar 13, 2014By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Morla – Nur Einmal

Du hast dein Glück noch nicht gefunden You haven’t found your luck yet I don’t think it comes as a surprise that we do love our hardcore at Whatwearetalkingabout. And we do like new bands from Germany too. Last year Jungbluth released one of our favorite local hardcore albums. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a great demo by Berlin band Morla! Und du wirst es hier nicht finden And you won’t find it here Morla also have another band in Henry Fonda who might ring a bellRead More