Cologne Tag

A woman inked in black and white holding her hand in front of her open mouth in surprise. Below, in thick red letters, it says ABAY and really tiny some more letters that form the album title. Everything is amazing and nobody is happy – it’s the zeitgeist talking and a fitting title to what is the debut album by one of German indie rocks busiest people. Blackmail were an institution in the German indie rock scene. The tight production by guitarist Kurt Ebelhäuser met lead singer Aydo Abay’s distinctRead More

Posted On Februar 2, 2016By CarloIn Video

OK Kid – Bombay Calling

I didn’t really care much for OK Kid from Cologne, Germany, when they released their debut album three years ago. Stadt am Meer was a good indie track but over the whole album you didn’t know if they wanted to be an indie band or a hip-hop act. It just wasn’t on point yet. Hardly anybody expected Ok Kid to return with a strong political message and a brilliant video for Gute Menschen late last year. The song had ditched any hint of guitar indie and turned towards a deeperRead More

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Kmpfsprt – Jugend Mutiert

Ich bin die Nacht, du bist der Tag. Ich mache alles, was du nicht wagst! I am the night, you are the day. I do everything you don’t dare I think we have written extensively about the impact of music on life. Sometimes you can’t even explain why you pick up a certain album. It’s just there. Right in front of you. When Kmpfsprt released their first EP back in 2012, it was just there. From one day to another. It was raw, it was wild and it was justRead More