Posted On März 22, 2015By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Mumblr – Full of Snakes

I invite you to my room, all the time There’s few places at the moment where music is as exciting as Philadelphia at the moment. The d.i.y. scene there seems to produce bands at an impossible speed. Mumblr are another one of those bands that just popped up on my radar (thanks to this article here). While London is still caught up in the post-dubstep flood of producers, New York is trying to figure out what their musical identity is and hipster Berlin is meandering through their newest hip-hop star,Read More
And all I’ve wanted my whole damn life is something like this to materialise and all I’ve wanted my whole damn life is love and luck to collide all I’ve ever needed is to be part of something meaningful all I’ve ever wanted is to leave this world more (The Smith Street Band – I Love Life) It was sometime in the late summer of last year. Me and a few other guys, some of which I hardly knew, crammed into a small car and drove to Bielefeld. If youRead More
her eyes fell low and heavy with shame and cum Four songs in just about 14 minutes are sometimes enough to say what needs to be said. 14 minutes can be enough to make a real statement. Enough, to make your message clear and to let everyone know your intentions. Perfect Pussy (what a name) from Syracuse, NY don’t take a second longer. It’s the intensity of the vocals, the sparse production and the dirty guitar and drums that make this a tour de force. Not even the added synthesizerRead More