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Posted On Juni 1, 2016By CarloIn Video

Farben/Schwarz – Jahr der Schlange

Oh German punk, you are truly doing well. If you hear and watch the new song by Farben/Schwarz called Jahr der Schlange there’s no other possible outcome. The last months brought us new albums by Turbostaat, Captain Planet, Fjørt or Kmpfsprt and Farben/Schwarz do foster your appetite for their upcoming EP. Heavy guitars, thundering drums and aggressive vocals broken up by clean verses and breaks. Jahr der Schlange is probably their best song to date. On it, the band shuffles between post-rock breaks, Fjørt heavyness and Kmpfsprt’s thorough energy. GetRead More

Posted On September 8, 2015By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Farben/Schwarz – Eins (EP)

Last week I was talking about the new video from Farben/Schwarz for their song Vollkontrast and my love for northern German punk. This week I will continue doing so in this review for Eins the debut EP by Farben/Schwarz. When I was a teenager, I spent hours after school in front of our family computer in the basement. At times I was playing video games, sometimes I’d chat to friends via instant messenger services but most of the time I’d listened to music. Back then I got excited easily. IRead More