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When I get asked to review new hyped band – especially from Berlin – I usually don’t expect anything. Which makes it even nicer when I am proven wrong. This has been the case with todays’ band Isolation Berlin. The four boys have recently been mentioned a lot in feature pages and it seems as if everyone agrees that they are the future of German pop music. The pressure therefore is obviously on and everyone expects their debut album Und aus den Wolken tropft die Zeit to be a hugeRead More

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A Tale of Golden Keys – Three Weeks

A Tale of Golden Keys are just great. We talked about our love for last year’s album Everything Went Down As Planned and now Three Weeks is the next single from it. Do you remember the piano in the swimming pool in the video for All Of It? It plays an important part in this video again. Just listen to the song and enjoy the slow visuals popping bye and let the little story unfold. I’m sure there’s a deeper meaning to it and I have my own theory. ButRead More

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Turbostaat – Abalonia

Turbostaat. It’s been a little while (two years is not that long to be honest). I remember as if it was yesterday when I went to my first Turbostaat show. Back then I had just moved to Hannover and none of the people I knew wanted to come to the show with me. I ended up drinking way too much beer by myself and leaving the show with the biggest smiles on my face I’ve ever worn after a gig. I went to a girl afterwards who’d become my girlfriendRead More

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Fjørt – Kontakt

Aachen, the most Western German city, bordering the Netherlands and Belgium. Aachen, the coronation city of German kings and the deathbed of Charles the Great. Aachen, former city of coal mining and hard labour. Aachen, home to traditional fraternities of questionable political views. Aachen, city where a football club is condoning that ultra right winged fans have literally kicked out left winged fans from the stands. And Aachen, home to Fjørt, one of the most exciting German hardcore bands to grace every tiny youth center, club or festival stage allRead More

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Heinrich II – Stadt

Do you remember German bands like Schrottgrenze, Wohlstandskinder oder Mikroboy? At the start of the 2000s, the hype around UK indie bands reached German shores and here too were a lot of young and talented bands. The labels signed everything and everyone able to hold a guitar and singing in German. Some of those bands were really good, some were good enough for a single or two. Heinrich II from Kassel are a new band, but they remind me a lot of that time. Guitars, German vocals, well produced popRead More

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Freiburg – Sommer, Roggen und Er

Sommer, Roggen und Er is probably the most Turbostaatesque song on Freiburg’s recent record Brief & Siegel. But it’s also one of the best on the whole album including the geat love will there us apart reference. If you haven’t listened to the record yet, there’s probably no better time than now. And hardly a better song to start. The young German band prooves that sometimes a good idea and a few of your friends are enough to make a good video. Stick a camera in front of them andRead More

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A Tale of Golden Keys – Waves

One of the best songs on A Tale of Golden Keys‘ album got a nice little video. It’s great how quickly you fall in and out of love with records these days. Day one you listen to two or three songs and you’re instantly hooked. Come the next week, the album shows up in your playlist or in your library and you think: „Well, yeah, it’s still quite good, but I don’t fancy listening to it now…“. Then come the next month and you’ve forgotten about it. There’s just soRead More
I’m a few thousand meters above the ground right now. I’m really hungover and longing for my own bed. I hate the people on this plane with me right now. I hate that I’ll be facing the cold Berlin night in about an hour. But what I hate most is that my apartment will be cold and dark when I will finally get there. I left the fridge pretty much empty and turned the heating down to a minimum when I left it a few days ago. You don’t wantRead More

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Kytes – On The Run

Hype bands are always quite a difficult thing to deal with. I mean, what do you make of a band that just formed and instantly gets voted as the band of the week, by one of the biggest German daily newspapers? When a band is selling out venues without even having released a full album (or an EP). Kytes from Munich are the band in question in this case and On the Run is the name of their debut EP. The first time I took notice of the band, IRead More

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Freiburg – Brief & Siegel

Where the fuck is Gütersloh? And what the fuck is German punk? And why are there people in Germany who are angry? Aren’t Germans supposed to be the happiest people on the planet? Economically safe, politically more than stable (thanks Angela), spearheading Europe and so on and so forth. Well thankfully punk never gave a flying fuck about safety and satisfaction. It’s times like these when someone has to point out what’s going bloody wrong. And there is a lot of it, if you listen to how pissed off FreiburgRead More