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Posted On September 17, 2015By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Cosby – As Fast As We Can

When you start working in the music industry you naturally end up making friends who work at labels, managements, booking agencies or whatever it is you can do with music to make a living. Over the course of the last few years I’ve met plenty of people. Some are total morons, some like to brag, some you meet just briefly and some become trusted allies and friends. It must have been around this time a year ago, that one of those good friends of mine mentioned Cosby for the firstRead More

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Freiburg – Kanüle Abwärts (Official Video)

Freiburg is a city in Baden-Württemberg, Germany with a population of about 220,000[…]A famous old German university town, and archiepiscopal seat, Freiburg was incorporated in the early twelfth century and developed into a major commercial, intellectual, and ecclesiastical center of the upper Rhine region. The city is known for its medieval minster and Renaissance university, as well as for its high standard of living and advanced environmental practices. The city is situated in the heart of the major Baden wine-growing region and serves as the primary tourist entry point toRead More

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Farben/Schwarz – Vollkontrast

Sometimes you have to find out via Facebook that some friends from another city have started a label, or have their hands on something like that. I always envy bands coming from the north of Germany. It must be something in the water up north that injects anger and melancholia. I’ve talked about my love for Captain Planet, Turbostaat or Vierkanttretlager on this blog before but I’ll keep going on until the whole realizes how good they really are. While there is plenty of good punk coming from the SouthRead More

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Boy – We Were Here

It’s been a long time since that song with handclaps and piano graced our radio stations. Boy came out of nowhere and drove everyone (starting from my sister, to my mom and even my grandma would have tapped her feet to that song if she would have been alive then) a little crazy. Once the two adorable girls had taken over Germany, entering the top 10 with their debut gold album Mutual Friends they took the next step and conquered the world. From their debut in 2011 they were constantlyRead More

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AB Syndrom – Hey Herz

AB Syndrom have released their new album ‚Hey Herz‘, an eclectic mix of UK-Electronic, Post-Dubstep elements and German lyrics. How does that all fit together? Well just listen to it and you will understand! So let’s get the facts out of the way first. Yes, the four pice is based in Berlin. No, they are not originally from there but from a smaller town near Frankfurt (does anybody outside of Germany actually care if a band is originally from a different city then they are based in currently??). Their bioRead More

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La Petite Rouge – Flower (Video)

La Petite Rouge, a young girl from Germany is writing songs better suited for UK clubs, the sunrise over fresh cut grass or dim-lit alleyways. Bloody hell Beggars, sign her up already! Sometimes you get lucky when you’re working in the music industry. Sometimes somebody tips you off, gives you the nod in the right direction or just puts a pink CD in a see-through sleeve on your desk without any further comment. A lot of the time the music you listen to is ok. Then there’s the flood ofRead More

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Echo Awards 2015

We are small, we are few It’s that time of the year again, where the music industry masses gather in Berlin to celebrate… well themselves basically. It’s Echo time. The German version of the Brits, or the Grammy’s but even by comparing the Echo to them, I’m almost insulting the other awards. But I’ll be attending again and I like the whole idea of dressing up, drinking together with everyone at the aftershow (yes, there’s only one aftershow party) and feeling really gash the next morning. But the awards showRead More

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AB Syndrom – Taumeln Taumeln

Well someone posts a link on facebook. I stumble across it, as I trust that person to have a good taste in music. I click the link. A song starts playing and it keeps me glued to my screen and my ears are peeled. The band’s facebook page says they are from Berlin and consist of four members. And that’s a lot more than what their official homepage tells a visitor. Anyway, this is serious stuff. Probably the soundtrack for this weekend in the city!Read More

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Wind Und Farben – Podgora (Video)

Last Thursday I was watching old rollerblading videos with my colleague after work. I owned one VHS tape back then and it’s up on Youtube. We started debating what kind of influences these kind of videos had on us musically. It’s quite fascinating that you really link music to visuals no matter if it was through an old VHS tape or early games like Tony Hawk’s or something. My god, how many people thought ‚Superman‚ by Goldfinger was the greatest song out there for one summer long? Podgora has nothingRead More

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Adam Angst – Adam Angst

Fünf Tage lief nur Coldplay und jetzt komm Mickie Krause Five days of only Coldplay but now it’s Mickie Krause While masses of people run to demonstrations amid fear of a „muslimization“ of the western world, politicians took a very long time coming to a consensus, that this behaviour is not acceptable, especially in Germany, with our history of, well, you know what I’m pointing at. There is a sense of lethargy, of ‚we-don’t-really-care-about-anything-else-than-our-private-life‘, a growing numbness towards more news stories about war, suffering and pain all around the globe.Read More