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Posted On November 4, 2014By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Miles & Feet – Lies.Words.Love

Time stands still and we watch our past mistakes When I was about 16 and had gotten really deep into hardcore, I was listening to a lot of bands that sounded like Miles & Feet. American new-school hardcore, with mosh-break downs, metal dual „At the Gates“-metal riffing and this angry voice spitting emotional lyrics. I would have killed to play in a band like that. But living in a small place, all I could muster was a band sounding more metal and with guys that didn’t have the same musicalRead More
There are obviously a lot of songs that you listen to throughout your whole life. The question is what sticks to your mind? What do you actually hang on to? And what do you really remember several years down the line. I hate facebook chain mails and I hate how Buzzfeed et al tend to accumulate lists and sell them as journalism. What I liked about this particular idea though is that taking your time to think about this lays out a map of who you are. So this listRead More

Posted On August 15, 2014By CarloIn Music, Reviews

BettyOetker – Barricades

Conscience separates man from else creatures When gang-vocals turn into gang-growls you know you’re deep into dark territory. The six songs on ‚Barricades‘ don’t offer a lot of condolences for the weak hearted. This is hardcore with a much darker and desperate twist than what has become so beloved by fans of „The Wave“. The guitars are creating a barricade themselves. The noise is deafening. The vocals are merciless, the drums dry as desert sand and the bass is a growling steamhammer. It’s only fitting that the artwork consists ofRead More

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Leoniden – Invert India

THE THINGS I HATE THEY WILL NEVER TURN THEY JUST MOVE INTO ANOTHER CITY It has been some time since I have stumbled across a totally new band that made me dance around the room in celebration. But during one of my ventures deeper and deeper into the youtubesphere I found the video to City by a band called Leoniden. The first lines are just accompanied by hectic drums and more vocals until guitars and synths kick in, paving the way for one of the catchiest choruses I’ve heard inRead More

Posted On Mai 9, 2014By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Yesterday Shop – Parodos

It’s the small things that count. The details. The split seconds and moments you remember days, weeks, months later. I was sitting at my office desk browsing the web when I stumbled upon a highlight reel of a small festival in Germany. The pictures and impressions were beautiful but what impressed me even more was the song that kept the whole video together. It added that extra layer and gave me goosebumps. It was the first time I stumbled upon Yesterday Shop and their formidable song „Fat Man & LittleRead More

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Kmpfsprt – Jugend Mutiert

Ich bin die Nacht, du bist der Tag. Ich mache alles, was du nicht wagst! I am the night, you are the day. I do everything you don’t dare I think we have written extensively about the impact of music on life. Sometimes you can’t even explain why you pick up a certain album. It’s just there. Right in front of you. When Kmpfsprt released their first EP back in 2012, it was just there. From one day to another. It was raw, it was wild and it was justRead More

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The Notwist – Close to the Glass

It is never easy to come back after a long absence. It’s even harder, when the heritage your last albums left you with are now valued as classics of a whole genre. In certain parts of music nerdismn, Neon Golden is treasured visionary. For the German label City Slang, it was nothing more than the opus magnum of the label’s discography. I vividly remember seeing the video to „Pilot“ on VIVA 2 and I remember how much Visions magazine (my then tastebible for music) valued it. I think I neverRead More

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Morla – Nur Einmal

Du hast dein Gl├╝ck noch nicht gefunden You haven’t found your luck yet I don’t think it comes as a surprise that we do love our hardcore at Whatwearetalkingabout. And we do like new bands from Germany too. Last year Jungbluth released one of our favorite local hardcore albums. A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a great demo by Berlin band Morla! Und du wirst es hier nicht finden And you won’t find it here Morla also have another band in Henry Fonda who might ring a bellRead More

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Messer – Die Unsichtbaren

When I first heard this band, I was irritated. The strange noise, the non existent harmonies or melodies. It was all too blurry, too edgy, too brittle and too volitional. Then there was the cover artwork, the painting of a Freddy Kruger like weirdo with a big black hat. And, to top it all off, there were these videos. All of that was by no chance bad and they got a fair share of love from the critics. It just wasn’t for me. Sometimes it needs time to understand aRead More
I’m sure everyone knows these really bad looking posters advertising some big time event in your town. Mostly they are sponsored by big brands, speak about sensational stuff that actually just bores you to death. Even worse are the looks of these ads. A recent example here in Berlin is a concert called „Die neuen Deutschpoeten“ or „the new German poets“. It is sponsored by public broadcaster Radio Fritz – for the younger audience. So when a radio announces a show like that, especially a mainstream format radio, it raisesRead More