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Rozwell Kid: „New“ EP and European tour Roaring guitars, smashing drums and bubblegum melodies – what sounds like the trademark of Weezer, in the here and now even more applies to Rozwell Kid from West Virginia (which, according to Wikipedia, doesn’t have that much to offer beyond that). The quartet has released three albums since 2011, though none of them attracted much attention over here in Europe – but that might change now. With their last year’s EP „Good Graphics“ just now having been released on (very good-looking) vinyl andRead More
Apologies, I Have None’s debut „London“ is probably one of my favourite punkrock-something-records of recent years. So, naturally, I’ve been waiting for something new from then since basically the end of 2012. This friday (May 9th), the guys finally fulfill my wish: „Black Everything“, an EP with four new songs, will be out here in Germany as a pretty black 12″ LP (yeah, I know, the download is available for weeks already… shush!).Read More