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We have a weak spot for the Northern German punk rock. Our readers should know this by now. One band in particular is Turbostaat. We really liked their last album Abalonia and we kept telling you how great they are live. Now they have recorded a little session at Off the Road Studios. Apart from the band ripping through their new song Ruperts Gruen there’s also an old Märchenonkel who tells us about the band sitting in a comfy chair. Even though you won’t understand what he’s on about ifRead More

Posted On September 27, 2015By CarloIn Opinion, Pop Culture, Talking Pop

Reeperbahn Festival 2015

Having friends around you is a great thing. There’s no one better to share joy, anger, happiness, sadness or any other feeling with than with people who like you, who you can talk to, complain about things or gossip with. Music and sports are great topics, ex lovers or future ones are great too, but sometimes it can just be a person in an awful colored jacket or with an awful hairstyle. Your friends will be there with you. The problem with friends is that sometimes they live too far awayRead More

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Beatsteaks live at Reeperbahn Festival

It was one of the hottest gigs I’ve ever been to. Witnessing Beatsteaks live at Reeperbahn Festival in 2014 was one of the things you probably won’t forget that easily. For those who don’t know Reeperbahn Festival, it’s basically the German/European equivalent of SXSW and it’s getting bigger with every year. The whole thing is centered around Hamburg’s famous red-light district where the Beatles learned their trade, where sex-shops are door to door with great clubs, where stag-dos cross paths with crooks, hustlers and the hip party crowd. There’s noRead More
There are certain bands I can’t help but love. There’s also a certain kind of music that I always wanted to make, when I was a kid. I’d churn out all these stupid songs and imagined people singing along to them. I knew back then that my songs were never meant for the big stage, a small room would have done. Just a couple of people who’d understand what I was trying to say. That would have been cool. But I never got there with my music. Tigers Jaw haveRead More
I’m sorry that I’m so scared Wonderful things can happen when you are young. You fall in love for the first time. You get drunk for the first time. You are able to spend all your free time not worrying about what will be. You are allowed to live in the here and now. Do you remember spending those summer nights out in the open with your friends, mulling about that girl you were into back then? Do you remember the plans you’ve made for your future? Do you rememberRead More