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Love A – Trümmer

I highly doubt that there are a lot of people out there who remember what it was like to spend your time outside with your friends instead of inside in front of a computer screen playing video games and stuff? Well I do recall that my father had a friend who was one of the first people I knew who had a computer. Don’t ask me what kind of computer it was, but he always tried to show us some kind of strategy game centered around Napoleon. It was onRead More

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Front Page: Best of 2013 Part III

Daniel’s top 5+5 (no particular order) Hi. I`m the new guy. This was my 2013. 5 records I spent a lot of time with: 1. Modern Life is War – Fever Hunting (Deathwish/Indigo) The thing about reunions: most of them suck. Maybe my views are over romantic, but there are a lot of zombielike bands out there with lifeless merch, touring like undead and new songs that are absolutely brain damaging. They used to be good once, but decided to come back for the wrong reasons (also called: money). WithRead More
I’m sure everyone knows these really bad looking posters advertising some big time event in your town. Mostly they are sponsored by big brands, speak about sensational stuff that actually just bores you to death. Even worse are the looks of these ads. A recent example here in Berlin is a concert called „Die neuen Deutschpoeten“ or „the new German poets“. It is sponsored by public broadcaster Radio Fritz – for the younger audience. So when a radio announces a show like that, especially a mainstream format radio, it raisesRead More