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Posted On August 16, 2016By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Messer – Jalousie

There is a difference between music you actually like and music you can appreciate for its value or the artistic value underneath it. I always found it hard to differentiate between the two. I still do in fact. Messer have always been one of those bands to me. On the one hand, my indie and punk heart is telling me that I should like them. On the other hand is the music though and that is not making it easy for me to like them. Too cool. Too distanced. TooRead More

Posted On November 18, 2013By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Messer – Die Unsichtbaren

When I first heard this band, I was irritated. The strange noise, the non existent harmonies or melodies. It was all too blurry, too edgy, too brittle and too volitional. Then there was the cover artwork, the painting of a Freddy Kruger like weirdo with a big black hat. And, to top it all off, there were these videos. All of that was by no chance bad and they got a fair share of love from the critics. It just wasn’t for me. Sometimes it needs time to understand aRead More