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Posted On Dezember 14, 2015By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Baroness – Purple

Metal is a genre of music that I am usually not fond of. Obviously I had a phase in my teenage years when I listened to Metallica, Iron Maiden or Sabbath, but from relatively early on, I switched alliances to two minute songs without guitar solos. Honestly, I couldn’t stand metal bands. At every show in every bloody youth club I played or spent music in, a crappy metal band was already there. It took me some time until I found some access to the genre again. Baroness, from Savannah,Read More

Posted On Januar 15, 2014By CarloIn Music, Reviews


Maybe you know that feeling, visiting home after a long time (for Christmas for example) and everything has changed, but than you see, smell or hear something that is familiar. Most of the time I´m trying hard not to be nostalgic, but almost the same happened, when I was listening to the new EP of the Hungarian hardcore band GHOSTCHANT. Actually the band is something like a pannonian hardcore supergroup (I don`t imagine that they would like that term, but I think it`s appropriate) with members of THE IDORU, NADIR,Read More