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It’s quite unusual to re-release an album and have the first official video ready 15 years after the original recording came out. Since its release in 1999, ‚American Football‚ has been credited as one of the most important emo records by numerous bands and increasingly it’s been referenced in a lot of reviews of new bands popping up in the US and in Europe. There’s an increasing myth around a band that has never really toured, never played in Europe and only ever recorded a handful of songs. But sinceRead More
There are obviously a lot of songs that you listen to throughout your whole life. The question is what sticks to your mind? What do you actually hang on to? And what do you really remember several years down the line. I hate facebook chain mails and I hate how Buzzfeed et al tend to accumulate lists and sell them as journalism. What I liked about this particular idea though is that taking your time to think about this lays out a map of who you are. So this listRead More

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Foxing – The Albatross

bees made hives in the mouth of the lion / i made my home in the house of a liar I have been very late with this one. I got an email a couple of months ago that reminded me Foxing were releasing their debut album via Count Your Lucky Stars. I got so caught up in work and simply forgot. Then, a couple of weeks later, it was there. I stumbled across it one day while treasure hunting for some news from my favorite labels. I pressed the playRead More

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Kevin Devine – Bubblegum (Bulldozer)

Or we can fire up the program / let the drones do all the dirt It’s simply one of those undisputed truths: Kevin Devine was always at his best when he was angry. Angry at the government, at some ex-girlfriend, at himself or at the society as a whole. Bearing this in mind, it is pretty good news that one out of his two new albums, „Bubblegum“, totally lives up to KD’s anger standards.Read More

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Olde Pine

all we know is where were going but its a place i haven’t found Sometimes you come across some music by chance, by accident and you keep sticking with it. Sometimes you can’t get hold of a record – blimey, I’d pay a fair bit to get Olde Pines two EPs on vinyl – so you have to retreat to listening to music on the web. I keep coming back to their site. Listening to their songs. They are worth it! While a lot of emo records come with aRead More
She stepped outside into the morning air To watch the cars go by and let the sun dry her hair It’s cold outside. Winter has returned after misleading us into believing it had just been here for a short stint. Apparently it just took a little detour round the corner, like a hurricane, keeping all quiet in the midst of it before letting all hell loose again. I am living in the middle of the biggest city in Germany and one would guess that snow is not a common goodRead More