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Posted On Juni 8, 2016By CarloIn Music, Reviews

Pup – The Dream Is Over

I first saw Pup live opening for Cloud Nothings a few years back in a semi open air venue near the Spree in Berlin. I initially went to the gig to see Cloud Nothings. It was a breezy summer evening. Clouds above our heads and a fresh wind going over the Spree next to us. Pup opened the evening and almost blew my hair off. The band made such a racket, they were really tight and garnished their thick guitars with wonderful melodies Rivers Cuomo is looking for since Weezer’sRead More

Posted On März 29, 2015By CarloIn Video

Pup – Guilt Trip (Official Video)

Pup blew me away last year as I said before. But seriously, these guys are just amazeballs. Look at their video for ‚Guilt Trip‘ that’s been nominated for the Prism Prize, an award for Canada’s best music video. When you watch it, you can see why it’s been nominated. That’s definitely the stuff band legends are made of. I can once again just do nothing more but highly recommend this band and this music video!Read More