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Front Page: Diet Cig

Diet Cig released their new record Swear I’m Good At This in April this year. It’s a record full of catchy melodies and strong messages that propels the duo to the forefront of US indie. We had the chance to ask singer Alex Luciano a few questions before the band is starting their tour in Germany this month. Whatweraretalkingabout: The album title „Swear I’m Good At This“ sounds like a clear statement of intent. Do you feel you have to prove yourself even harder as a woman in a band?Read More

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Sorority Noise – No Halo

Okay, okay, this post is filed in the video section even though this is not really a video. But look, I had to share this with you. To be honest, I was never that much into Sorority Noise, I mean they always popped up in my feed, in playlists or on tour schedules. But I never connected properly with them. This might be about to change though. No Halo might be the fresh start I needed with this band. The song speaks about death and how to deal with it.Read More

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Cymbals Eat Guitars – Pretty Years

There is something beautiful about imperfection. The little wrinkle when she’s smiling. The hint of green in your blue eyes. The scar on your shoulder. The few grey hair even though you’re too young to have grey hair. Imperfection makes people unique. It makes us remember. Cymbals Eat Guitars always had a nag for writing imperfect pop songs. And I blame myself for not paying more attention to them earlier. To me the bands new record Pretty Years is the celebration of everything imperfect. Finally kicks the record off withRead More

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The Hotelier – Piano Player

This year is shaping up to be a great year for music. While the whole world falls victim to ugly terrorist attacks, disgusting right wing propaganda and the seething death of our planet, music is a welcome distraction. The Hotelier are one of the bands whose record I am looking forward to the most. Piano Player is the first proper song (ballad Goodness Pt. I put aside) – and if the band isn’t going to blow up with this record I don’t know who will. Home, Like NoPlace is thereRead More

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Nada Surf – You Know Who You Are

This new Nada Surf album is really good. I have been listening to „You Know Who You Are“ every day for weeks and it just keeps getting better. I will say that it is my favorite one since 2002’s „Let Go“. It will be out on March 4 and you should all buy it now! If there is one thing I could change about the album it’s probably the sequencing. I’d have it start with „New Bird“ (which is actually track 4). I immediately loved this one while the actual openerRead More

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Basement – Promise Everything

The days are long gone since Basement were actually playing basement shows, dragging their gear into shabby pubs and dubious venues. Since the Ipswich band officially split up in 2012 they became international legends of sorts. All of a sudden the band was back in 2014 and it seemed as if they were biggern than ever before. And it seemed as if everybody was waiting for the band to return. The new record Promise Everything is the first full length since the reunion and the band is aiming big. IRead More

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Prince Daddy & The Hyena – Adult Summers

Let’s make this a fairly quick one. Prince Daddy & The Hyena have completely blown me away. I might be a bit late with this review, but Adult Summers is one of the best EPs I have heard in ages. Period. I couldn’t care less if this is in any way biased, because music is always something you can’t talk about objectively. I fell in love with this short burst of five songs when I stumbled across it on a night-long bandcamp browse. I have since told friends about it,Read More

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Baroness – Purple

Metal is a genre of music that I am usually not fond of. Obviously I had a phase in my teenage years when I listened to Metallica, Iron Maiden or Sabbath, but from relatively early on, I switched alliances to two minute songs without guitar solos. Honestly, I couldn’t stand metal bands. At every show in every bloody youth club I played or spent music in, a crappy metal band was already there. It took me some time until I found some access to the genre again. Baroness, from Savannah,Read More

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Boysetsfire – Boysetsfire

by Matthias Saying goodbye to one of your favourite bands at some strange festival sponsored by a telecommunications company and where they played as a support act (!) for Good Charlotte (!!) just didn’t feel right. But it happened in the summer of 2007. And then there was darkness. …until late 2010. Self-ironic as they are, boysetsfire returned to another telecommunications festival thingy and shortly afterwards announced to be back as a band full-time. And, as they say, the rest is history: a new (pretty great) album („While a NationRead More

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MS MR – How Does It Feel

MS MR – How Does It Feel – the follow up to 2013’s ‚Secondhand Rapture‘ is everything what you’d expect from the Brooklyn based band. Trying its best to follow the debut’s success without sounding like a mediocre repetition. But could it have been bolder? Or is it fine for what it is?Read More