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Posted On Januar 16, 2017By CarloIn Video

Jessie Reyez – Figures

Figures by Jessie Reyez is probably the best song you’ll hear all week. Don’t get me wrong here, this site is not going into some sort of Blog-overhype-mode, but this song is brilliant. Trust me. It all started late last week. I was sitting on the Sbahn back home on Friday night. After work I met a friend at our usual Friday night bar for a few beers and some conversations. It wasn’t a late night, but late enough to feel a little dizzy from the beers and cigarettes. JustRead More
We have a weak spot for the Northern German punk rock. Our readers should know this by now. One band in particular is Turbostaat. We really liked their last album Abalonia and we kept telling you how great they are live. Now they have recorded a little session at Off the Road Studios. Apart from the band ripping through their new song Ruperts Gruen there’s also an old Märchenonkel who tells us about the band sitting in a comfy chair. Even though you won’t understand what he’s on about ifRead More

Posted On März 8, 2016By CarloIn Video

Leoniden – 1990

Leoniden are back. Do you remember these guys? Their last EP was released by the now defunct indie label Delikatess Tonträger in 2014. It was an infectious blend of groovy audio-sexyness. And to be honest, I was asking myself a few times now, what the band has been up to recently. And now we know. 1990 is the first song from a new upcoming EP titled Two Peace Signs. We can only go as far as saying, that even with a new lead singer, the band is totally killing it!Read More
Punk, rock and German indie these are the poles between which Astairre have set foot. Ich hasse meine Freunde is the first song from their upcoming EP So lange wir noch funktionieren. And it’s a belter. I have to admit that I’m not totally unbiased here – I’ve met bassist Robin on a long night out at Reeperbahn Festival a couple years back. Since then I’ve been tracking what the band is up to. With Unter Schafen Records they have finally found the right home for their sound. And ifRead More

Posted On Februar 8, 2016By CarloIn Video

A Tale of Golden Keys – Three Weeks

A Tale of Golden Keys are just great. We talked about our love for last year’s album Everything Went Down As Planned and now Three Weeks is the next single from it. Do you remember the piano in the swimming pool in the video for All Of It? It plays an important part in this video again. Just listen to the song and enjoy the slow visuals popping bye and let the little story unfold. I’m sure there’s a deeper meaning to it and I have my own theory. ButRead More

Posted On Januar 14, 2016By CarloIn Video

Basement – Aquasun

Basement always had a massive soft spot for 1990s alternative music. New single Aquasun makes no exception there. Heavy guitars, rolling basslines and huge drum sounds pave the way, all while singer Andrew Fisher adds his vocals to give the whole sound a slightly stoned touch. It’s so reminiscent of a sound we all grew up with. And Basement manage to take you back without sounding outdated. The video for Aquasun takes the sonic aesthetic and translates it into a visual. Take an arcade, a guy with glasses like MiloRead More

Posted On November 18, 2015By CarloIn Video

A Tale of Golden Keys – Waves

One of the best songs on A Tale of Golden Keys‘ album got a nice little video. It’s great how quickly you fall in and out of love with records these days. Day one you listen to two or three songs and you’re instantly hooked. Come the next week, the album shows up in your playlist or in your library and you think: „Well, yeah, it’s still quite good, but I don’t fancy listening to it now…“. Then come the next month and you’ve forgotten about it. There’s just soRead More

Posted On August 24, 2015By CarloIn Video

Luh – Unites

I spent last Thursday sitting in a dancing school in cologne. Eight hours in a room with 1970s-chique lights, wooden floor, one wall entirely covered by mirror glass and a little stage with speakers. It was the setting of a sales conference where several labels gave forecasts of what they’ll release next. Some of it was interesting, some of it wasn’t. It’s strange how a setting like that can influence your own perception of music. I’m quite sure that I had heard Unites by Luh before and I’m pretty certainRead More

Posted On April 13, 2015By CarloIn Video

Ab Syndrom – Jalousien (Official Video)

AB Syndrom are back with their new video for ‚Jalousien‘. And it’s quite brilliant in its simplicity. When I was a kid, I was always scared of people being able to look into our bathroom when I was going to have a shower (well I wasn’t a kid, let’s say during my teenage years). I spent weeks fiddling around the Jalousien (the shutter) looking for the perfect blind spot. Either the shutters were set to too far down, or too far up. I was never really satisfied. AB Syndrom playRead More

Posted On April 1, 2015By CarloIn Video

Bad Ideas – Clumsy Hands (Official Video)

Ah well, how can you hate some rumbling bass, drums, guitars and a sweet voice? UK band Bad Ideas just released a new video for their song Clumsy Hands and the song has everything we need to forget about the crappy weather here in stormy spring. German label Uncle M is once again proving its great taste! All thumbs up.Read More