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Burkini Beach – World At Our Fingertips

It’s been too long since Rudi Maier aka Burkini Beach last released a song and could it come any more fitting to this time of year than World At Our Fingertips? The song is probably the most Bright Eyes influenced song so far and it suits Maier really well. We’re biting our fingernails while we’d have the world at our fingertips he sings in the chorus before subtly changing the words to we’re biting our fingernails down and then we’re biting our fingertips. It’s the little things that make this song grand. The contrast between summer and winter. The contrast between what we pretend we want and what we really want inside.

Maybe Berlin has left its mark on Maier. I hardly know another city with such contrasting seasons, where you feel so buoyed by life in the summer and so let down by life during the cold and grey Winter months. World At Our Fingertips is a great song that makes waiting for the debut album only that little harder. But until then, let’s enjoy the video. And the song.

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