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OK Kid – Bombay Calling

I didn’t really care much for OK Kid from Cologne, Germany, when they released their debut album three years ago. Stadt am Meer was a good indie track but over the whole album you didn’t know if they wanted to be an indie band or a hip-hop act. It just wasn’t on point yet. Hardly anybody expected Ok Kid to return with a strong political message and a brilliant video for Gute Menschen late last year. The song had ditched any hint of guitar indie and turned towards a deeper electronic beat and heavy bass-synths.

Now let’s turn to the first official single Bombay Calling. It starts off similarly dark as Gute Menschen, but as soon as the hook kicks in, we’re in a pretty neat pop territory. It’s a song drenched in plenty of gin references, oriental drums and vocal samples, all built around a synth and sitar hook. The video, a flowery drug-trip story is more than worth a watch. Bombay Calling is definitely a neat appetizer for their coming record.

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