Female Tag

By Alex, Carlo & Daniel A couple of weeks back, we talked about female bedroom producers and how they are the hottest stuff right now. We are still certain that that is true. And someone from the Independent must have read our article too, prompting this copy cat thing to pop up two days after our post. But the article got us thinking here at the WWATA-HQ: where else are female artists leaving their mark these days? So we dug into our own music catalogues looking for the same thingRead More
Scandinavia, you beautiful endless reservoir of great music. Scandinavia, I love you for making the sun disappear for a few months each winter making young people stay in their own homes with too much alcohol, their instruments and their creativity. Women of music, I love you because you grace us with so much talent and music that I feel like an incredibly dull little boy with my acoustic guitar and my stupid teenage songs about my sad sad love life. This article is a dedication to the girls in popRead More